Five natural ingredients.
Lots of benefits.

An optimized gut microbiome
A stronger immune system
A resilient digestive tract
Poops with solid consistency
A reduction in gas
A shinier, healthier coat
A more energetic, fit and happy dog

Wait, there's more!






Made in USA

What's In It?

Dried Clostridium hiranonis Fermentation Product

Dried Megamonas funiformis Fermentation Product

Dried Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product

Nutritional Yeast Flakes


Total Microorganisms

50 million CFU*/g minimum per scoop (1/4 tsp)

*Colony-Forming Units


“My pups have always had sensitive digestive systems and this is the only supplement that has made a real difference.”

- Caren H.


“My dogs now poop so well that I am jealous of them ;)”

- Jennifer A.


“This product seems to be a vital daily supplement for Dug.”

- Nancy S.


“Since starting Arkus his digestive issues have settled and he likes to eat his food.”

- Lynn S.