How often should I feed my dog Arkus?

It’s right in our name! Feed Arkus to your dog once a day.

How do I feed my dog Arkus?

Simply sprinkle the powder on your dog’s food using the provided scoop or a household measuring spoon.

How much powder should I give my dog?

The amount of powder depends on your dog’s weight. Dogs weighing between 1-20 lbs. should receive a half scoop (1/8 tsp), dogs weighing 21-40 lbs. should receive a full scoop (1/4 tsp), dogs weighing 41+ lbs. should receive two scoops (1/2 tsp).

Where are the feeding instructions located on the product?

Instructions can be found on the box that Arkus comes in and also on the jar's lid (flip up the lid label to reveal them).

Why does Arkus need to be kept refrigerated?

Arkus is comprised of live microbes that are native to your dog’s gut. Therefore, once you receive the product make sure to keep it refrigerated to ensure product effectiveness.

Should I remove the desiccant pouch from my Arkus Daily jar once it's opened?

No. The desiccant pouch helps keep Arkus Daily dry, which is important for keeping the microbes in Arkus alive. Avoid introducing any liquid or moisture to the product after opening. Seal the jar tightly when not in use.

Is this supplement safe to use with medication my pet is currently taking?

If your dog is taking medication, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to ensure that this product is safe to use.

Are there any safety warnings for Arkus?

Arkus is for dog use only. Keep the jar out of the reach of children and other pets. In case of overdose, contact your veterinarian.

Is the Arkus powder safe to touch?

Yes, don't worry about getting Arkus on your hands. It's totally safe.

Can I buy Arkus if I live outside the U.S.?

Arkus is currently only sold in the U.S. Please check back in the future to see if our policy has changed.

Who makes Arkus?

Arkus is manufactured and distributed by Native Microbials, a company that leverages the animal microbiome to provide food supplements that increase animal health, productivity and sustainability.

All of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

What do I do if there are issues with my shipment?

If you experience any delivery issues, please email arkus-orders@nativemicrobials.com and we'll get it resolved quickly.